How to Disable Lync in Windows 10

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If you are want to know How to Disable Lync, below are the two options provided to guide you. If you don’t want to uninstall Lync completely from your PC, then follow the steps given below. Else skip Option 1 and go to Option 2 for steps to disable Lync.

How to Disable Lync in Windows 7/8/10

Option 1:

  1. Copy your meeting link and paste it in address bar of browser
  2. Add ?sl=1 at the end of url that you just pasted
  3. Press Enter
  4.  Doing this will stop Lync from trying to open the meeting link


  1. Open Task Manager
  2. Open the Startup Tab
  3. Look for Microsoft Lync
  4. Right Click on it
  5. Select Disable
  6. Close Task Manager
  7. Open Lync
  8. Open Lync Options
  9. Go to Personal tab
  10. Select Set Lync to not start with Windows

That will stop Lync from capturing meeting links. So that’s all about how to Disable Lync in Windows 10. You may also like to read How to Enable 6 digit pin to lock your Windows 10 mobile phone remotely.