Madden NFL 18 Guide: How To Play Ultimate Team Mode With Your Friends

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Madden NFL 18, video game based on the National Football League, released on 25 Aug 2017. The game is developed by EA Sports for PS4 and Xbox One. In this guide, let’s find out how to play Ultimate Team mode with the friends. Madden NFL 18 has, for the first time in the game’s series, has added a story mode called as Longshot. Madden NFL 18 uses the Frostbite engine and is the first one the game’s series to use this engine. The game received good reviews and gamers are loving it so far.

This game has a new feature called Ultimate Team Squads. This allows you and two of your friends to make a team and play three-on-three online. You can even play with random people. This guide will show how to play this game mode.

Madden NFL 18 Guide: How To Play Ultimate Team Mode With Your Friends

First let’s see how the Ultimate Team can be set up. After that, you have to level up your Ultimate Level to be able to access MUT squads.

Now, you select one among Head Coach, Defence or Offence. Pick your role here and invite two of your friends to pick theirs’. The Head Coach uses their stadium, head coach card and team uniforms, but cannot play positions of quarterback or kicker. But a head coach can play all other positions and decides what to do in a penalty situation.

The Offence Captain imports their offence from their Ultimate Team and their offence playbook. He most commonly plays as quarterback and decides all things offence. The Defence Captain takes in the Ultimate Team defence and defence playbook. He manages all things defence and decides when to call timeouts.

If you try to team up with random players online, you may end up in a highly unbalanced team making you easy pickings for balanced and pro teams. Hence, it is recommended to play with friends with a balanced team. That’s all about how to play ultimate team mode in Madden NFL 18. Read more about Madden NFL 18 Guide: Defend Against The Wildcat Formation.