New Graphics Architecture From AMD, Radeon VEGA

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Few days ago AMD teased “After the uprising” which was about the Radeon VEGA. The trailer theme was “Make Some Noise” which was for the Radeon VEGA. And after unveiling their new graphics architecture at CES 2017 it seems that AMD really have made some noise because their new architecture is just not limited to games only. It covers everything in graphics field i.e. Gaming, VR, designing application, machine intelligence and much more.

AMD at CES 2017 unfolded itself as what exactly AMD VEGA is capable off. Senior Vice President and Chief architect Raja Koduri said:

It is incredible to see GPUs being used to solve gigabyte-scale data problems in gaming to exabyte-scale data problems in machine intelligence. We designed the Vega architecture to build on this ability, with the flexibility to address the extraordinary breadth of problems GPUs will be solving not only today but also five years from now. Our high-bandwidth cache is a pivotal disruption that has the potential to impact the whole GPU market.

Following are the highlights of official convention about Radeon VEGA:

  • The world’s most advanced GPU memory architecture
  • Next-generation geometry pipeline
  • Next-generation compute engine
  • Advanced pixel engine: