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Prey released in May 2017. The game is developed by Arkane Studios. A first person action adventure game, Prey is developed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You control Morgan Yu, explore the space station Talos 1. Here we will see Prey weapons list.

There are many different weapons available in Prey along with the Fabrication Plans. Most of the weapons are found on staff’s corpses. Here is the Prey Weapons list.

Prey Weapons List


It is found on the corpse of Patricia Varma after leaving the apartment for the second time.

  • Damage: 10 – 20
  • Dismantle Result: 1 Spare Part
  • Material Yield: 1.00 mineral


Found on the corpse of Veer Singh when entering the Neuromod Division Foyer. It is also found on the first floor of the main lobby in the women’s bathroom.

  • Incapacitation Rate: 100
  • Handling: 33
  • Range: 9m
  • Reload: 100
  • Material Yield: 0.75 mineral, 0.75 synthetic
  • Dismantle Results: 3 Spare Parts
  • Fabrication Plan Location: Ammo plan located in Morgan’s safe in his office at the Talos 1 Lobby


It’s on a briefcase on a blue cassette recorder right of bedroom. Also found on the second floor of the Neuromod Division Foyer on a corpse in a corner.

  • Power: 4s
  • Shots: 4
  • Range: 7.5m
  • Recharge Rate: 1.5s
  • Material Yield: 0.25 mineral, 0.35 synthetic
  • Dismantle Results: 1 Spare Part


In the Typhoon 1 Main Lobby on the corpse of Nash Underwood. Also in the Security Office in the Talos 1 Main Lobby.

  • Damage: 40
  • Ammo Capacity: 4
  • Recoil: 100%
  • Reload Speed: 100%
  • Material Yield: 1.00 mineral, 0.25 synthetic
  • Dismantle Results: 2 Spare Parts


In the Typhoon 1 Main Lobby’s Sales Division behind Kelly Randolph’s desk.

  • Fabrication Cost: 2 synthetic
  • Material Yield: 1.00 synthetic
  • Fabrication Plan Location: Fabricated from plans found in Neuromod Division level 1, locked in Caleb Hawthorne’s terminal in Research and Design


In the executive office in Talos 1 Lobby on Morgan’s desk. Also on Elias Black’s body in the Teleconferencing Center in Talos 1 Lobby.

  • Damage: 8
  • Capacity: 15
  • Range: 15m
  • Accuracy: 60%
  • Material Yield: 0.50 mineral, 0.15 synthetic
  • Dismantle Results: 1 Spare part
  • Fabrication Plan Location: Ammo plan located on Elias Black’s body

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